Anyone here? (One, so far.)

It doesn’t seem that anyone I know is even reading this, despite my asking over and over. So, I m done. Another dead end to add to my list.

Ok, well I was done. Until one person, someone I don’t know personally, like in Horton Hears a Who said, “I’m here.” Thanks to Michael Kuch for speaking up from his dust speck which is his Kuched (blog) and one I admire quite a lot. (Blog not speck) If you too are fed up with our society full of political correctness, hypocrisy, b.s., and outright lies and can take being Kuched, check it out. Millennials, “victims”, and those with thin skin… you’ve been warned. I am strongly considering offering my opinion on more than one subject: depression and what is still right within our American society. There. If the use of American “triggered” you, then you probably won’t appreciate my opinion either. If that’s you, please peddle off in your horse-drawn, non-combustible vehicle and continue to foment hate, distrust, and division. I’m going in search of the positive. Wish me luck.