Still here and thank you

This will be brief. I’m writing to say thank you to those of you who responded to my post Anyone here?

Your support kept me going. I’m hanging on by a thread because I’m back in bottomless well of depression. (Still waiting to hear from those in my personal circle.)

Part 2

Update: So, I sent friend requests to all the “friends” from Athens, Georgia who insulted and berated me on Facebook after I posted my political views. Guess what? You probably already guessed it. None of them were mature or nice enough to even reply. I’m not going to reveal my political views again, online or in real life. You can’t pigeonhole me into a neat category, although I’m sure it’s easier for those who like to point fingers, make judgement calls. My values and morals determine who I support… on the political stage and in real life.

Comments/criticisms on my art (above) are welcome. All art on this blog is mine with the exception of doorway photo (credited: filip-kominik.)

Athens trip to South GA

The Truth (Pt. 1)

Up until now, I have kept my thoghts to myself and not mentioned the reason for deleting my previous facebook page. I am fully aware that noone I know (now) really cares about this and people that I knew before moving to Porterdale from Athens probably do not care either. But, to get rid of some bad karma mildewing in my soul, it’s time to purge and clean it out. Clorox it out, if necessary.

About 3 years ago, we had a presidential election and I made the unforgivable error of posting on fb my political views. Within a few days, people who I had called friends for several years felt it their right, their duty to make their feelings known about my views. Friends from Athens, those who I had laughed with, danced with, drove to New Orleans Jazz Fest (twice), shared some of the best times of my life with or so I thought . We’d seen each other at our best moments, at Jack’s wedding, and our worst moments, Grannie’s grandmother dying. I thought of them as real friends, though my move away from Athen’s distanced me from the crowd. Perhaps my memories are distorted and I was not much more than a person with a car who could drive our crowd around or buy that round of drinks at the bar?

Getting back to my point, after expressing myself on fb, these friends felt it imperitive to make their opinions of me public via posts. The comments were basically caustic, derogitory and filled with quite impolite language. I had not written anything about them in my posts when expressing my political views, but these people I had called friends, felt their need to insult me personally. Insulting my intelligence, my beliefs (they thought), and my character. So, I decided to delete my fb page if this was the kind of atmosphere waiting for me. We only post the good, shiny things in our life on fb, the trophies our children win, the new luxury cars we purchased, our beautfiufl vacation in the Caribbean. The painful, ugly, real parts of our lives are compartmentalized, sealed, and resting in a box never to see the light of day on social media. Everythig is beautiful, everything is fine.

I’ve finally grown weary of the bad feelings harbored toward these folks and, in the spirit of wanting peace, love, and all the positive feelings we button up behind polite coversaiton, have forgiven the insults. The nonstop vitriol in the news, on social media, on the radio is unhealthy for me and, to be frank, the rest of the damn world.

I watched a documentary on Netflix today about Woodstock. The event wherein about half a million people came together and enjoyed, reveled in three days of peace and music. Now, maybe it was the hormones, but I teared up at the very real PROOF that we can put aside our differences and focus on that which we have in common with each other as human beings. Not as Democrats, conservatives, liberals, politicians, gays, lesbians, women and on and on. How about we get back to focusing on how similar we are to each other? Most people want peace, friends, community, don’t they?!?

It is sad to me that my daughters are growing up in what I see as a society filled with hate, mistrust, and a dystopian view of the future. I’m going out on a limb and praying we can get back to caring about our fellow man, regardless of their inner thoughts, their beliefs. Most of us desire life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I might be getting older (Yep!), but the truth of this statement, written 230 years ago still makes sense to the majority of us. Doesn’t it?

I pray for a better tommorow.
*Now, check out the pics of me on the flight to Aruba.